Who We Are

About Us

Offering our proprietary programs and tech solutions to advance care

The [CARE] Group of Companies is a private Canadian MedTech and mental healthcare company focused on healthcare innovation. Learning from decades of established, operational experience in primary care, bricks and mortar medical clinics, pharmacies and the health & wellness sector – our group has deep experience and insights as the provider of choice for millions. Enterprise clients include public & private organizations, government and educational institutions, NGOs, and non-profit, charitable sector agencies.

Good People Who Care

Our team of 100+ clinicians, care coordinators, designers, and technologists, are all united by our mission to bring healthcare to those who need it.


We embrace Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) as core values. As health innovators, we prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and strong governance, recognizing our impact on communities, customers, and the planet.

Our commitment includes empowering Indigenous nations, respecting their rights and cultures, and integrating their wisdom. Through EDI, we ensure fairness, inclusivity, and respect. By upholding ESG, EDI, and supporting Indigenous communities, we lead responsibly and competitively. Join us in shaping a better company and a more equitable world.

Indigenous Health

We build culturally appropriate health and wellness solutions for Indigenous nations and their communities. By working hand in hand with Indigenous leaders and community members, we create respectful solutions that address unique health challenges and promote long-term well-being.

Our commitment to cultural humility drives us to integrate traditional knowledge, prioritize community needs, and provide employment opportunities. Together, let's make a positive impact on Indigenous communities and empower their journey towards better health.

Smart Tech

Cutting edge, AI-powered solutions and bespoke software tailored to unique needs & diverse clientele

Whether they are an enterprise client, NGO, hospital, clinician, community agency, governmental body, or a private entity, our proprietary tech-enabled solutions are designed to empower them to scale out care and services seamlessly. By blending enterprise-grade capabilities with the adaptability of SaaS, InstaCARE Tech ensures that innovative healthcare is not just accessible, but also scalable, driving unparalleled impact and efficiency across the care continuum.

We recognize that no two clients are the same, and unlike our competitors who offer rigid out-of-the-box solutions, we offer customized solutions to serve their unique populations.  Dive into the future of healthcare with CARE Group, where technology meets empathy.

Modern Mental Health Care

Innovative & integrated  e-mental health care

Powered by our own proprietary technologies, we offer innovative care models and programs to deliver more effective mental health services. Our diversified portfolio is designed to focus on key pillars of need: community mental health, enterprise mental health, virtual care innovation, research, direct patient care, direct to consumer (DTC), business-to-business (B2B) and more.

Our mental health programs bring together mental health experts across disciplines into centralized health hubs which ensure better continuity of care and improved health outcomes.  Our proprietary step wise approach ranges from AI CARE Champions and coaches with CBT training to private counsellors and expert specialists such as physicians and psychiatrist

From digital support via resources to direct care provision, we meet patients where they are and offer ease of access to what they need,
when they need it.

Building the future

Paving the path of innovation in virtual health care and e-mental health

In an evolving economic landscape, the imperative is clear: advanced automation, enhanced care quality, and cost efficiency. CARE Group meets this by transcending traditional telehealth, unlocking new markets and tailoring care to modern demands.

Through innovative tech and strategic planning, we revolutionize physical care sites, enhancing both ROI and health outcomes. Our state-of-the-art digital solutions provide a seamless gateway for patients, embodying a “virtual first” approach that modernizes care delivery while optimizing costs.

Collaboratively, we’re shaping the next generation of care, ensuring each patient interaction is impactful and efficient.

Maximize Impact

Let's do great things together

Utilizing our access to innovative technology and bridging connectivity to clinical care, we can help communities and companies alike to improve the health and resilience of their people. We are proud to be inclusive in our partnerships which range from non-profits to private sector, immigrants to indigenous communities and SME’s to international schools.

Our goal is to build and collaborate. We welcome partnerships small and large with a laser focus on removing barriers to care and optimizing health outcomes worldwide. Please join us in our journey to make mental health better, together.